Monday, July 26

Ceiling Fans Recalled Over Blades Detaching And Flying Off

We’re not sure if you’ve ever had this concern, but have you ever considered the possibility that the blades on our ceiling fans flying off while in use? If you’ve never had that thought, now you do, and it seems like it is a possibility because a company calling themselves King of Fans has announced a recall.


In case the name wasn’t obvious, this is a company that makes fans. In particular, the company is recalling its 54-inch Mara ceiling fan after there were multiple reports from customers who claimed that the blades detached during use. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it seems that at least two of the reports involved an injury, while four reports include property damage as a result of the blades detaching.

According to King of Fans, only certain models of the Mara ceiling fan are being recalled, and that those who own the models that are being recalled are being advised to stop using them immediately. “If consumers observe blade movement or uneven gaps between the blades and fan body or movement of the clip during inspection, consumers should immediately contact King of Fans for a free replacement ceiling fan.”

The company is also claiming that this issue was caused by an isolated manufacturing defect. Home Depot, which sold the fans, has also voluntarily recalled the product on behalf of their customers when they found out about the problem.

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